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and then a week later appeared at a con

#HOW DO YOU EXIST #misha collins #for that matter who the fuck took a photo of him being dashed into the ER in a neckbrace on a stretcher #was he like VICKI YOU GOTTA GET THIS IT’LL MAKE A GREAT TWITTER POST #and vicki was like #IF YOU DIE I’M PUTTING THIS ON YOUR TOMBSTONE WITH THAT QUOTE #AS PROOF THAT I MARRIED AN INSANE PERSON #YOU DELIRIOUS FUCK #and then misha complained about the sandwiches on the internet #misha collins #life-ruiner

#misha #the only guy that could care less about being thrown out of a car

we now know that misha would probably tweet from his death bed

tells West to take a picture of him on his death bed, coughing and weak and he’s like in his out of breath voice, ‘son.. you gotta do this.. please.. my last wish..’ 

and west sighs and takes out his phone and takes a picture of misha with his hands on his chest criss-crossed and his eyes closed. he then takes the phone from west and slowly types: 

‘see you in the other side, bitchez!!! ttyl! bbq!’

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